Our Team

A.S.A.C. greatly values the faith, money and time of its students and their families and believes in HTC -Honest, Transparent and Committed - service.

Every member of the well-organized and eclectic A.S.A.C. team is ABCDE – adept, brilliant, co-operative, dedicated and expert and works to the best of his/ her capabilities to fulfill each student’s dreams of an international education.

A.S.A.C.ians vouch for the cordiality, integrity and efficiency of the A.S.A.C. team. ( Click here for Testimonials )

Mr. Amit Gore

Founder & Director

introMr. Amit Gore sir has been heading the institute for over 15 years and has guided over 1400 study abroad aspirants to various countries viz. the U.S.A., the U.K., Canada, Germany, Australia, NZ, Singapore, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland and Dubai. He oversees and leads all the departments at A.S.A.C. He has conducted more than 200 study abroad seminars in and around Nashik colleges and at various organizations ( More Details ). ). He has also written several newspaper articles in leading news papers such as as Sakal, Gavkari, Nashik Times etc. ( News & Media  ).

Mrs. Anupa Gore

Joint Director

Anupa GoreMrs. Anupa Gore ma’am heads A.S.A.C. jointly with Mr. Amit Gore. A British Council Certified IELTS and a certified PTE Trainer, she has been into training for GRE, IELTS & TOEFL for over 14 years. She also has expertise in counseling students and detailing on countries and courses. She mainly guides students to countries viz. Canada, UK, Australia, NZ and Singapore.

Ms. Heena Jain

Manager, Training Services

Heena JainKnown as an excellent teacher, Ms. Heena Jain has been associated with A.S.A.C. and has been mentoring students of GRE/ GMAT/ SAT for close to 10 years. A SET (State Eligibility Test) qualified individual, she is also an integral part of the content development department and a co-speaker in the seminars conducted by the institute.

Mr. Hiren Panjwani

Faculty, IELTS  and TOEFL

Hiren PanjwaniAn Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer and a diligent individual, Mr. Hiren Panjwani is a certified PTE trainer. He conducts IELTS, TOEFL and PTE sessions . He is known for his efficient command over English and affability.

Ms. Sayali Khandetod

Manager, Administration

Sayali KhandetodAn Instrumentation and Control Engineer, Ms. Sayali Khandetod has been associated with the organization for over 4 years. She oversees the overall administration and management of the center and counsels students and parents. She maintains schedules for training and internal seminars.

Ms.Rajshri Rao

Senior Counselor, Admission & Visa (U.S. and Germany Division)

Rajshri RaoAssociated with A.S.A.C. for over 3 years,Ms. Rajshri Rao guides students in the application process and preparation of various application and visa documents for the U.S.A. and Germany. She is known for her deftness in handling student difficulties and doubts.

Ms.Sameedha Badange

Senior Counselor, Admission & Visa (Non U.S. Division)

Sameedha BadangeAn MBA, Ms. Sameedha Badange assists students in admission and visa application to countries viz. The U.K., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Spain, France, Italy and Ireland. 

Mrs. Neha Prabhu

Counselor & Front Office

Neha PrabhuMrs. Neha Prabhu has an extensive 5-year experience in travel industry. At A.S.A.C. is responsible for managing daily walk-ins and reception. She maintains records and monitors all the enquires in the center.

Mrs. Kovida Benare

Senior Counselor, Documentation and Online support

Kovida BenareAn Electronics and Communication Engineer, Mrs. Kovida Benare, is deft in drafting application and Visa documents. She also helps in online counseling sessions and telephonic doubt solving for applications and Visas.

Mr. Pratik Dusane

Faculty, Quantitative / Maths

Pratik_DusaneAn Electrical Engineer, Pratik is a brilliant alumnus of ASAC and an administrative official in the making. He possesses exceptional mathematical skills. He conducts quantitative sessions primarily for SAT and adjunctly for GRE students.

Ms. Neetu Singh

Associate Faculty, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL

Neetu_SinghA diligent and enterprising individual, Ms. Neetu Singh completed her Bachelor’s in Pharmacy. She has been associated with A.S.A.C. for close to 3 years: first as a brilliant student and now as an earnest faculty member for SAT, IELTS and TOEFL.

Ms. Nidhi Singh

Counselor, Admission & Visa (U.S. and Germany Division)

Nidhi_SinghAn MBA, Ms. Nidhi Singh is a solid addition to A.S.A.C.’s strong personnel. She assists students for applying to the American and German universities and helps in online counseling sessions and telephonic doubt solving for applications and Visas.

Mr. Datta Kale

Technical Support Assitant

Datta KaleMr. Datta Kale has been into the technical support division for over 11 years looking after the smooth functioning of the centers’ machines and equipments. Also, he looks after the front office and handles walk-ins at the center.

Mr.Ajay Saraf

Marketing and Office Assistant

Ajay SarafAssociated with A.S.A.C. for over 9 years, Mr. Ajay Saraf looks after on-site marketing activities and is an efficient office assistant.